If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already found some concrete issues around your home and are looking for the right solution to fix these troubles.

If the issue is sinking or settling slabs, mud jacking is a technique that’s been around for decades. The process involves mixing mud and concrete slurry and pumping it under a sinking slab. It’s sometimes called slab jacking or grout pumping.

It can also be messy, unpredictable and leave large holes in the concrete where they cut out room for the injection equipment. The materials used can also wash away over time, causing the same issues all over again.

Now, there are modern alternatives to mud jacking, including the technique YSS uses – PolyLevel. It’s a foam that is injected under a concrete slab that slowly expands and hardens, leading to a permanent solution that won’t wash away over time.

The ports – or holes where a contractor injects the product under the concrete – are smaller than the size of a dime, much smaller than typical for mud jacking.