Vapor Barrier Installation in Montana and Wyoming

While not every home has a crawl space, every crawl space should have a vapor barrier. This impermeable liner seals and protects your crawl space from destructive moisture. Vapor barriers also work with your insulation to keep your home more energy efficient.

If your crawl space is due for attention, reach out to our team at Yellowstone Structural Systems. Our certified professionals will inspect it for free and consult with you about any potential issues or damage they find and the best way to address them. Schedule your free inspection here.

Symptoms of Crawl Space Moisture

If you have problems with your crawl space, you’ll eventually see signs of it in other parts of your home, too. Air from outside enters your crawl space easily and makes its way up to your home. This can let in moisture, bugs, Radon gas, and drafts. In some cases where there’s improper drainage around your foundation, flooding is also a risk. Here are some common signs to look out for that indicate possible damage in your crawl space:

Our Vapor Barrier System

The crawl space vapor barrier system that our experts use at Yellowstone Structural Systems is a cost-effective and fast way to prevent future damage to your home. It installs seamlessly on your crawl space’s walls and floors to prevent any vapors from entering. Your crawl space will go from an unusable and hazardous place to a bright, clean storage area in one day.

Waterproofed crawlspace

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Protect your home and increase its usable space with a crawl space vapor barrier. Our certified design specialists provide free consultations in Montana and Wyoming. If we find any damage, we can help you determine the best solutions to fix it before we prevent any other future problems.

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