Crawl Space Flood Repair in Montana and Wyoming

Water coming in where it’s not supposed to is every homeowner’s nightmare – especially water you don’t see. When it comes to a flooded crawl space, most people don’t notice until they start smelling a musty odor around the house but can’t find water anywhere.

If you’ve been noticing signs of water damage in your home but can’t find the source, the experts at Yellowstone Structural Systems have the experience to get to the root of any crawl space problem. Reach out to us to schedule a free inspection to protect your home from flood damage.

What Causes Flooding in Your Crawl Space

Because there could be so many possible causes of your crawl space flooding, it’s hard to determine without a professional diagnosis. Crawl spaces with dirt floors are especially susceptible to rainwater pouring in after a heavy storm. However, anything from foundational problems to leaking pipes could be the culprit. No matter how the water is getting in, it’s crucial to get it dried out asap before mold and wood rot cause serious damage.

How We Prevent Crawl Space Flooding

To keep your crawl space dry, our basement experts have different methods that work great together to protect it from flooding and moisture intrusion. One of our best solutions is to completely encapsulate your crawl space using waterproof vapor barriers and water mitigation systems. Installing a dehumidifier to control humidity is also a tried-and-true method for keeping the air in your home safe and mold-free. Whatever the issue is, our team can find the right answer for your unique crawl space needs.

Waterproofed crawlspace

Schedule Your Free Crawl Space Inspection

Keep your crawl space dry and the air in your home healthy. At Yellowstone Structural Systems, we will check out your crawl space and diagnose any potential issues that we find so we can recommend only the best repair methods and products that will work for you.

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