Concrete Sealing in Montana & Wyoming

Concrete is an expensive investment. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have to replace it after a few years because of daily wear and tear. Without the right protection, it’s inevitable that your concrete will begin to flake, discolor, and even crack.

At Yellowstone Structural Systems, we offer the best concrete protection options on the market, so you can avoid costly concrete replacement. If you need to keep your concrete areas safe, reach out to our team. We can schedule your free inspection and give you an exact price for the best solution.

Why You Should Protect Your Concrete

Concrete is strong, but it’s actually very porous. The surfaces of your slabs are susceptible to the number one concrete enemy: moisture. When water seeps into the pores of untreated concrete, cold winter months will create freeze-thaw cycles that are detrimental to your walkways. The expansion that happens as water freezes weakens and destroys your concrete. Without protection, it will eventually crack, flake, and become discolored from UV damage, lowering your home’s overall value.

Our Concrete Sealant Solution

At Yellowstone Structural Systems, our experts have tried every solution out there. After years of experience, we have found the best quality products available. For concrete sealing, we use a silicone-based application that protects your concrete permanently. Here’s why we prefer it over other methods:

  • Permanently protects concrete with just one application
  • Extends the life of your concrete by up to 5 times longer
  • Protects from water damage and stains
  • Can be applied to brand new concrete
  • Makes ice removal easier
  • UV-resistant formula won’t discolor
    power washing driveway

    Our Protective Concrete Coatings

    Another great option for protecting your concrete surfaces is to use our Penntek coating system. It withstands wear and tear better than standard epoxy, is available in tons of custom styles, and installs in as little as one day. Here are some of the most popular custom finishes that we install:

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