Sidewalk Repair in Montana & Wyoming

Sidewalks are exposed to a lot of daily wear and tear. It’s inevitable that most homeowners will have to deal with cracked or uneven sidewalks at some point. Unfortunately, these issues don’t just disturb your curb appeal – they pose a serious tripping hazard for your family and people passing by. It’s crucial to have your sidewalks repaired and protected from future damage.

Our experts at Yellowstone Structural Systems offer affordable sidewalk repair options that fix your concrete permanently. If you need to fix cracked or uneven concrete, reach out to our team. We can schedule your free inspection and give you an exact price for the best solution.

Causes of Cracked or Uneven Sidewalks

Because concrete is very porous, it’s susceptible to moisture seeping through it. When this moisture gets beneath the slabs, it creates issues with the soil, essentially leading to settling and cracking. Soil erosion can happen from too much water washing away the dirt beneath your sidewalks, creating voids that your concrete sinks into. This can also happen if the soil was poorly compacted in the first place, when your concrete was poured.

leveling concrete

Our Sidewalk Repair Solutions

At Yellowstone Structural Systems, we repair sidewalks with the best products available. We can lift, level, seal, and protect your walkways without any costly slab replacements. We offer easy and fast repair options that can typically be applied in one day, without any mess.

For sidewalks that have become uneven or cracked, we have a few different repair techniques that work together to protect your concrete permanently. To lift your sidewalk back to its original position, we inject a polyurethane foam beneath the slab. This works better than traditional concrete lifting methods because the foam is lightweight and resists damage from moisture. Once back in place, we can fill the areas that cracked with our silicone-based sealant and even apply a concrete sealant to your sidewalk’s surface for permanent protection.

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