Concrete Crack Sealing in Montana & Wyoming

If you have cracked concrete in or around your home, you know how unsightly it is. Not to mention, it becomes a serious tripping hazard for walkways. Driveways, sidewalks, patios, and even pool decks are all prone to cracking when concrete isn’t properly protected.

At Yellowstone Structural Systems, we strive to offer our customers concrete repair options that avoid invasive and costly concrete replacement. If you need to fix cracks in your slabs, reach out to our team. We can schedule your free inspection and give you an exact price for the best solution.

cracked and uneven driveway

Why Concrete Cracks

Concrete can crack from shrinkage due to poor concrete mixing, or issues with soil beneath your slabs. The main culprit is moisture – whether it’s a lack of or too much of it. When your concrete was first poured, there could have been excess water content in it that caused slight cracking as it cured.

The other moisture issue comes from inevitable weather elements. Things like frost heave or overly dry soil causes changes to the dirt under your concrete. It causes pockets, or voids, that the slabs will sink into unevenly over time.

How We Fix It

To fix your cracked concrete, we first need to assess the situation. If there is an underlying cause, we need to address and correct that first. For example, uneven concrete generally needs to be lifted before we can seal the cracks that came from the settling issue.

For crack and joint sealing, we apply a silicone-based formula. Here’s why our experts recommend this method:

  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures
  • Longer lasting than traditional methods
  • UV resistant so it won’t discolor
  • Cures in just one hour
sealing concrete joist

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Protect your home from tripping hazards and decreasing real estate value. Reach out to our concrete sealing experts to schedule your free inspection. We’ll diagnose the cause of the problem and give you a free quote for the best repair options available.

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