Concrete Repair in Montana & Wyoming

Concrete has the potential to be the longest-lasting investment you will make in and around your home. However, many homeowners lack knowledge of the importance of maintaining concrete to ensure it reaches its fullest lifetime potential.

At Yellowstone Structural Systems, we strive to offer our customers affordable repair options that avoid invasive concrete replacement. If you need to fix cracked, uneven, or flaking concrete at your Montana home, reach out to the foundation contractor at YSS. We can schedule your free inspection and give you an exact price for the best solution.

Causes of Concrete Problems

Concrete is often poured on wet, weak, or poorly compacted soil. Eventually, this will lead to the settlement of slabs, causing unevenness and cracking. This happens due to voids beneath the concrete in the soil that make the slabs sink. The main culprit for these voids is soil erosion and overly dry, loose dirt. These problems not only create tripping hazards but also significantly impact your property value.

Another common problem that creates unsightly concrete and lowers your home’s curb appeal is discoloration. When the surface of your concrete is unprotected, damage from daily wear and tear and UV rays can cause it to become stained and flaky.

Our Concrete Repair and Protection Service

At Yellowstone Structural Systems, we use the most innovative methods of concrete repair to lift, seal, and protect your concrete. Our services work with sidewalks, driveways, garages, pool deck, and even interior concrete slabs. These are our expert-recommended techniques to not only fix your concrete but keep it permanently safe from future damage:

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