Crawl Space Repair Services in Billings, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

Foundation failure isn’t always just a foundational issue. Your home’s crawl space plays a huge role in its structural stability. If the support columns in your crawl space become compromised, they will no longer be able to support the weight of your home and you’ll begin to see symptoms of structural breakdown such as floor problems.

If you think your Billings homes' crawl space needs structural repair, Yellowstone Structural Systems has a permanent solution. Reach out to our team today for a free inspection and consultation with one of our foundation repair experts.

Symptoms that Indicate Structural Failure

Problems in your crawl space directly affect many other areas of your home. The most obvious signs require getting down into your crawl space to inspect the joists and beams. If there is evidence that wood rot, cracking, or condensation is happening, your home needs better support.  Structural foundation failure in your Billings home can lead to many problems down the road, which is why it is best to tackle these issues head on.

In the upper levels of your home, crawl space support failure can look similar to foundation problems. Sagging or uneven floors are a big indicator that your crawl space supports are no longer adequate. Cracks in the drywall of interior walls or your foundation walls are also signs of damage that needs repair. Thankfully, our professional team in Billings has crawl space repair services down to a science.


Our SmartJack® Crawl Space Support System

Our experts at Yellowstone Structural Systems use the most cost-effective and efficient solution in the industry for restoring structural stability to your home. Not only do our products provide supplemental support, but they can also lift your sagging floors back to their original position. Here’s why we recommend SmartJack® as a better alternative:

  • Fast, non-invasive installations
  • Stronger than traditional concrete or wood repairs
  • Adjustable over time for permanent support
  • 25-year warranty
smart jack installed in basement

More Foundation Repair Solutions

Whether your home is experiencing structural damage from foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure, soil washout, frost, or some other force, we have the products and the certified installation technicians that you need to permanently solve your problem and restore value to your home.

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Have you noticed symptoms of crawl space damage in your home? Our Design Specialists perform free crawl space inspections in Montana and Wyoming. We get to the root of the problem and consult with you about the best solutions available for your home before you make any decisions. Reach out to our professional team in Billings for crawl space repair services today!