Uneven Floors

Just as the name implies, uneven floors are floors in your home that sag down in some areas. They may also squeak or bounce when you walk over them. Typically, this is a sign that something about your crawl space or foundation isn’t right.

Sloping Floors

If the floors in your home are sloping, meaning they aren’t level, it’s also a sign that either your crawl space or your foundation needs attention. Would a ball roll on its own on your floors? Are there areas of your baseboards that are no longer flush with the floor? These are signs that you have a sloping problem.

Floor Cracks

Cracks in your basement (foundation) floor are typically a serious issue. Not only does this mean your foundation is failing, but it also makes your home more susceptible to excess moisture and water damage. Small cracks that never worsen are usually nothing to worry about, but anything that gets bigger, or leaks probably indicated foundation settlement.

Foundation Slab Settlement

A settling foundation slab has the same effect as sloping floors. Your basement floors become unlevel and, in some cases, begin to crack. Ultimately, your foundation slab is directly affected by the health of your foundation as a whole. Foundation heave or settlement are both known to cause a settling, cracked slab.

Have Your Floors Inspected for Free

Foundation problems aren’t always easy to diagnose. While uneven or cracked floors mean something is wrong, it’s not always clear what the exact culprit is. At Yellowstone Structural Systems, our team offers free foundation inspections for residents in Montana and Wyoming. That way, we can figure out the best solution for your home before you invest in repairs.