Why Foundation Failure Happens

Some of the most common reasons for foundation issues are weather and soil. During the winter months, Montana and Wyoming experience frost heave, causing volume changes in the soil around your home. Prolonged exposure to this process creates pressure around your foundation walls, leading to damage every year.

Foundation problems, like foundation settlement, happen because of four unavoidable reasons: overly dry soil, oversaturated soil, poorly compacted soil, and the type of soil around your home.

Overly Dry Soil

During extremely dry seasons and droughts that stick around for a long time, dirt gets so dry that it shrinks. If the soil under your foundation sinks, it creates hollow areas for settlement to occur. Maturing trees can also cause overly dry conditions around your foundation. The root system of a tree draws up tons of moisture, making the dirt around it shrink.

Overly Saturated Soil

On the other end of extreme weather, overly saturated soils can also become the culprit for settling. During heavy rain, flooding, or snowmelt seasons, the soil gets soft and weak. This is especially true if you have poor drainage near your foundation.

Poorly Compacted Soil

When your home was first built, undisturbed soil was dug up to construct your foundation. The soil that’s replaced around your foundation once it was finished is no longer compacted the same way. This creates pockets of air and loose dirt that cannot support your home's weight.

dry and wet soil

Soil Types

One thing that’s often overlooked when building and maintaining healthy foundations is the type of soil supporting them. There are various soil types, each with unique properties that affect foundations differently.

Solid rock provides the strongest support. Gravel and sand heavy soils also tend to hold up better under the weight of your home because they’re generally more compact. Silt, clay, and peat pose more problems because they hold onto water, shrinking and expanding with the weather.

Our Foundation Repair Solutions

Whether your home is experiencing structural damage from foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure, soil washout, frost, or some other force, we have the products and the certified installation technicians that you need to permanently solve your problem and restore value to your home.

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