Foundation Wall Repair in Wyoming and Montana

Older homes that were constructed with materials like limestone and brick commonly have problems with deterioration. While it’s more common with 19th-century construction, newer homes with concrete can experience this problem, too. If the foundation walls in your basement look like they are beginning to deteriorate, it’s time to reach out to the experts.

Our team at Yellowstone Structural Systems has foundation specialists that can help you find the best solution available. We always make sure that we diagnose our customers' issues with their home’s unique build in mind. That way, we can provide a custom fix that works perfectly for what they need.

Understanding the Signs of Foundation Failure

If you can see materials beginning to crumble and fall away from your foundation walls, this is the most obvious sign you need to have a professional look at them. Other symptoms that indicate a lack of structural stability include:

  • Chalky or flaking mortar
  • A wall that is no longer flush
  • Foundation wall blocks that stick out on push inward
  • Bowing basement walls 

Are your foundation walls starting to deteriorate? The team at Yellowstone can help you find the right solution. Schedule a free inspection today.

bowing cinder block foundation wall
bowing cinder block foundation wall

Why Foundation Walls Deteriorate

While age is the number one reason for foundation wall deterioration, there are a few other causes. Another leading cause is excess soil pressure exerting on the exterior of your walls. This is a common problem that happens due to overfilling around the walls during construction. Poorly constructed walls are also a culprit for deteriorating foundation walls.

The Real Dirt on Foundation Problems

Foundation problems happen for four unavoidable reasons: overly dry soil, oversaturated soil, poorly compacted soil, and the type of soil around your home. Each of these, or a combination of these, leads to things like foundation settlement, foundation heave, and a multitude of other symptoms that happen due to structural problems.

Have Your Foundation Inspected for Free

Whatever the cause of your deteriorating walls is, our foundation experts can help. We have the best available foundation repair products in Montana and Wyoming, backed with warranties and highly trained professionals.