Cass, Stevensville, MT 59870

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Overall Rating: 0 out of 5

You appear to be a 'well oiled machine', as the old saying goes. From initial contact through all the sales and installation steps, including this survey. All the pieces of the sales and install process went extremely well. Sadly, it is rare to find a contractor that engages well these days, if they even show up half the time at all! Your team communicates well and executes well.

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Call Representative: 0 out of 5

Only had a couple interactions here, around the schedule. All went well. Responsiveness and follow up were good.

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Sales Process: 0 out of 5

Ryan listened to our needs, walked us through the options, and helped us decide what was best for our situation and budget. He did a good job on follow-up when a slight change in the design after the initial sales call was needed. He kept us informed on the next-steps and what to expect on the timing as well.

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Our Installation Crew: 0 out of 5

Jacob and the crew did a great job! I was informed and consulted throughout the process: about the process, the product, adjustments, issues, schedules. They took care during the construction to insure my property was kept in order, with a minimum of disruption. I have nothing but praise for the quality of their work, their professionalism, and communications. By the way, let Jacob know the electrical problem with those outlets was a GFCI that had tripped. It is behind all the storage racks, where we could not see it. All good on this!! Knew it had to be something simple.

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The Cleanup Process: 1 out of 5

Hard to cleanup everything on a job like this, given all the concrete dust, but the crew did a good job here. I had some scrubbing and sweeping to do once the floors totally dried (several days). A lot less than I expected.

What made you choose our company:

Recommended by the floor drain system vender. Generally good reviews online. No spot to put comments about the product, so I will put them here. I wanted to wait until our first major irrigation before writing a review. The flood irrigation here is the main reason we have basement flooding. I needed to see how well these floor drains and water barriers were going to work before saying yea or nea on a survey. Well, last week the install and products got about as big a test as it is likely to see. With our June irrigation, we had heavy flows down the perimeter ditch for five days, with some constant light overflow into the yard four of those days. There was full on field flooding in the middle day (my day for the water), with 3-4" of standing water in the lawns around the east and south sides of the house for about 12 of the 24 hours. This is typical of the monthly irrigation here. For the last many years, this kind of event was the start of having 1-2" of water in the basement for the duration of the summer irrigation season. May irrigation primes the ground and we get a little flow into the basement. June is when the torrent hits. Not this time. The floor drains and vapor barriers did their job! I could hear the water pouring into the sump like a small creek and could see a good flow in the grated sections of the install. The 1/2hp pump was keeping up, but it got a work out on its duty cycles! There was some dampness in places in the basement floor