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Foundation Repair

Realizing that you have a foundation problem is overwhelming. Your foundation is the structure that your home depends on for stability. When it isn’t working correctly, it can present itself in the form of other costly issues that just get worse over time.

Our professional team at Yellowstone Structural Systems understands how daunting it can be to face your foundation issues. Most of our customers think it’s going to be a huge financial burden. That’s where we make a difference in the foundation repair market. We strive to stay on top of the most cost-effective and minimally invasive repair techniques and products available, so our customers have access to custom solutions that work for them.

Foundation Problems

Our team has seen it all. Homes with untreated foundation problems always end up with even more things to fix. With our years of experience and specialized knowledge, we can identify every kind of foundation failure symptom and determine the best solution to permanently correct it.

Why Foundations Fail?

Some of the most common reasons for foundation issues are weather and soil. During the winter months, Montana and Wyoming experience frost heave, causing volume changes in the soil around your home. Prolonged exposure to this process creates pressure around your foundation walls, leading to damage every year.

Foundation problems, like foundation settlement, happen because of four unavoidable reasons: overly dry soil, oversaturated soil, poorly compacted soil, and the type of soil around your home.

Signs of Bowing Walls?

When your home’s foundation begins to fail, one of the most obvious signs is bowing walls. Basement walls that appear to be leaning inward indicate a serious foundation problem. The soil around your home that becomes overly saturated with water can become susceptible to hydrostatic pressure. When this happens, foundation walls buckle under the force and create other forms of damage in your home. If you see any of these symptoms, it’s imperative that you get a professional diagnosis as soon as possible:

  • “Stair-step” foundation wall cracks
  • Diagonal foundation wall cracks
  • Walls leaning in at the top or bottom
  • Walls bulging inward
When Foundation Cracks Indicate a Problem?

One of the most noticeable signs of foundation settlement is visible cracks in your foundation walls. However, not all foundation wall cracks are bad - some are even normal. How can you tell the difference? The crack's location, direction, and size are all factors to consider.

Poured concrete foundations are often subject to shrinkage cracks. These cracks occur while the concrete cures. They typically happen within the first year of construction, and usually do not change or get worse. However, if you notice cracks that grow longer or wider over time, it’s likely that your foundation is settling. If you see any of the following, it’s time to call a foundation expert for further inspection:

  • Cracks with “stair-step” patterns
  • Diagonal foundation wall cracks
  • Horizontal foundation wall cracks
  • Excessively large cracks that change or get worse
What Your Damaged Floors Mean?

Floor problems in your home aren’t something to be ignored. While some cases may be chalked up to poor wood quality, moisture damage, or termites, many warped or cracked floors indicate a failing foundation.

  • Uneven Floors
  • Sloping Floors
  • Floor Cracks
  • Foundation Slab Settlement
foundation shifting

Our Solution for
Foundation Problems

Whether your home is experiencing structural damage from foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure, soil washout, frost heave, or some other force, we have the products and the certified installation technicians that you need to permanently solve your problem and restore value to your home. Our repair products are warrantied and comply with strict industry standards.

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Pier Systems

If your home in Montana has foundation settlement issues, our pier systems can be installed to permanently stabilize your foundation. Our pier systems are custom-designed for unique property types and settlement symptoms.

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Wall Repair Systems

When bowing and buckling walls is the issue at hand, Yellowstone Structural Systems carries wall anchor systems for either indoor or outdoor installation, depending on what works best for your home. Both patented systems permanently straighten and stabilize your foundation walls and can be adjusted if future shifting occurs.

smart jack installation

Floor Repair Systems

If you have uneven floors in your home or foundation and wall cracks in your Montana home, the foundation contractor at Yellowstone Structural Systems can provide numerous, easy leveling solutions from structural support jacks to deep foam injection.

Helical Pier Installation

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Because foundation symptoms and causes vary so greatly, there’s no fixed price when it comes to repairing them. That’s why our foundation contractor in Montana provides free, no-obligation in-home consultations to all our customers. We will inspect every aspect of your home or business and get to the root of the problem so we can develop a custom repair plan that works for you. We can say for sure that it’s going to cost you significantly less than an entire foundation replacement!

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If your home is suffering from foundational problems, reach out to our repair team for a free inspection. Yellowstone Structural Systems concrete contractor in Montana will diagnose what’s causing structural failure and help you determine which solution will work best to restabilize it permanently.