The Yellowstone Difference.

At Yellowstone Structural Systems, we believe that every homeowner deserves the best. We genuinely care for each of our customers and strive to create experiences that set us apart from the rest. It’s our mission to be the best we can be at everything that we do, at an organizational level and in how we treat our customers. Unlike a lot of typical contractors, our Kalispell team operates with a one-team mindset that feels like family, and we strive to pass that feeling on to the homes and business owners we work with. With us by your side, there is a difference.

Residential Concrete Repair in Kalispell

From foundations and concrete to basements and crawl spaces, our experienced team of home contractors in Kalispell has seen it all. We provide permanent solutions to repair these areas and restore structural stability and value to your home or business. We offer free home repair inspections and always make honest assessments before we recommend the best repair options. 

    Foundation Repair

    Foundation problems happen for four unavoidable reasons: overly dry soil, oversaturated soil, poorly compacted soil, and unstable soil types around your home. Poor soil conditions such as these can lead to foundation settlement, foundation heave, and a multitude of other symptoms that can affect your home.

    Crawl Space Support

    Crawl spaces can attract a lot of harm and damage to your home when not taken care of properly. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to see when damages are occurring in your crawl space. The symptoms that do present themselves can be confused with other household issues. It’s always best to have a professional inspection done by a Kalispell contractor to find out what you’re experiencing and why.

    Basement Waterproofing in Kalispell

    Leaks and flooding in your basement could be one of a few different problems. Most frequently, the issues our Kalispell basement waterproofing experts correct are foundation related. Aside from waterproofing your basement as a prevention tactic, it’s important to understand the root cause of basement water damage so you can ensure that there isn’t an underlying problem in a different area of your home.

    Concrete Repair in Kalispell

    Tearing up and re-pouring concrete is a large and costly project. At Yellowstone, we strive to provide our customers with better options for concrete repair in Kalispell. We use innovative technology and techniques to lift, level, seal, and protect your concrete without needing to replace it.

    Schedule a Free Inspection

    If you’re experiencing symptoms of foundation, basement, or concrete problems, reach out to our Kalispell contractors today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll perform a free inspection and determine the best possible solution options.