Foundation Waterproofing in Montana and Wyoming

Leaks in your foundation walls are not something to brush off. Aside from water damage to your belongings, moisture entering your basement is also a breeding ground for mold and wood rot. It’s critical to consider waterproofing options to protect your home from poor air quality and structural failure.

At Yellowstone Structural Systems, our certified installers have numerous waterproofing solutions that install in as little as one day. Reach out to us for a free consultation to learn more about which is right for your property.

DryTrak Wall System

If your home’s water problem is due to leaking cracks in your foundation walls, your home is constructed on a monolithic slab foundation, or the basement slab is very thin, we highly recommend our DryTrak system. It’s specifically designed to solve wall leaks in basements with monolithic flooring, and it works with your sump pump system to carry water away from your home. There is no excavation required, meaning no invasive or costly installations. Benefits of the DryTrak include:

  • Efficient and non-invasive  installation
  • No damage to the basement structure
  • Lowers the risk of soil gases that can enter through the foundation
drytrak diagram

How DryTrak is Installed

The installation procedure for the DryTrak system is very straightforward and relatively non-invasive. We drill weep holes into the block cells and mortar joints of your foundation. Epoxy is applied to keep the DryTrak in position, then we attach the waterproofing system to your sump pump and plumbing to discharge to the exterior. The last step involves flood testing after curing to be sure there are no leaks.

Schedule a Free Waterproofing Consultation

If you have foundation wall cracks that leak, reach out to our waterproofing experts. Our technicians will conduct a free inspection and determine if the DryTrak is right for your home. We’ll also diagnose any damage and consult with you about repair options and other waterproofing methods that would be beneficial for your home.