French Drain Installation in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

If you notice dampness or water damage in your crawl space or basement, a French drain system is a simple and effective way to keep water out. Water typically makes its way in through flooding or cracks in your foundation. French drains reroute this water away from your home.

At Yellowstone Structural Systems, we have certified waterproofing specialists and different types of systems to meet your home’s needs. Reach out to us for a free consultation to learn more about which solution is right for your property.

How French Drains Work

French drains provide an easy channel for water to flow through when water is entering your home through the soil around your foundation. It’s redirected into a gravel-filled trench, then a pipe that carries water away and empties into a safer place. Perimeter drains work in tandem with sump pumps to prevent flooding and leaks in your foundation floor.

Our French Drain Systems

Different properties and water issues call for different types of drain systems. Our certified installers start with a free inspection to determine which of our systems will work best for your unique needs. We carry numerous solutions, each designed to address particular challenges. The types of French drain systems that we can install include:

Schedule a Free Inspection

If your basement is showing signs of water damage or leaks, or your current drain system is no longer working properly, reach out to our team. Our drainage systems can be used in combination with all of our waterproofing products to permanently protect your basement and crawl space from any current or future damage.